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Jerusalem Medley

Ir Me Quero, Madre
Ladino Folk song; Salonika

Ir me quero, madre, a Yerushalayim…

Mother, I want to go to Jerusalem…

Yeffe Noff
Music: Yinon N’eman
Lyrics: Yehuda Halev

Yeffe noff m’soss tevel / Kirya l’melech rav
L’cha nich’sefa nafshi / Mifa’atei maarav

Beautiful of vistas / Delight of the world
A city for a great king
To you my soul has yearned from the far reaches of the west

Yehi Shalom
Music: Rabbi S. Carlebach
Lyrics: Psalm 22

Y’hi shalom b’cheilech
Shalva b’armenotayich

Let there be peace among your multitudes
Tranquility within your palaces

Shir Hanoded
David Shimoni
Based on a Persian folk song

Mi yit’neni off / Tzipor kanaf k’tana
Min’dudei ein sof / Nafshi ma mit’ana

Mi yit’neni off / Tzipor kanaf k’tana
Asher baken hatov / Tanu’ach sha’anana

Ah, k’off n’dod/ Anud ani gam ken
Ach et i’aff m’od / Lanu’ach ein li ken

Oh, were that I was a small winged bird!
My soul is tormented from endless wandering

Oh, were that I was small winged bird
Who rests, carefree, in her good nest

Ah, just like a migrating bird, so will I roam
But when I tire from my wandering – I have no nest to lay my head

Lamidbar Saeinu
Carry Us to the Desert

Music: Bedouin Folk
Lyrics: A. Pen

Lamidbar sa’ein al d’bashot g’malim
Al tzav’reihem yetzaltzelu pa’amonim g’dolim

Sa’einu, sa’einu, lamid’bar sa’einu…

Halila, al t’hallelu – haro’im namim
Uvaleilot Al hash’vilim hakochavim rom’zim

Sa’einu, sa’einu, lamid’bar sa’einu…

To the desert / Carry us on camel backs
On their necks / Big bells will ring

Carry us, carry us to the desert
Ti, li ,li…

Do not play the flute / The shepherds are asleep
And at night / The stars sparkle upon the paths

Carry us…

My Father

Music & Lyrics: Danny Maseng

My father looks to the sky and its clouds
My father is walking to the desert
And the desert is moving towards him

Slowly, slowly the gate closes upon his fathers
Where, oh, where are all his mothers,
His lovers, where?
Where is my father?

Alone at the end of the road
Doves in his hair
A torn coat on his back
And a flower in his heart

How have you fallen from the heavens to your earth?
My father lies in an abandoned nest
In a strange and foreign land

The night descends upon your bed,
Gather your wings, infant father
And return to your flight
And once again, alone

Alone at the end of the road
Doves in your hair
A torn coat on your back
And a flower in your heart

My father crawled into the night and disappeared
My father went into the desert
And the desert went silent

My Father
D. Maseng (c)1992

Avi panav el haraki’ah v’ananav
Avi holech el hamid’bar
V’hamid’bar elav

L’at l’at nisgar hasha’ar al avotav
Ayeh ayeh kol imotav ahuvotav heichan
Heichan avi

L’vad b’soff haderech
Yonim bise’aro
M’il karuah al hagav
Uferach b’libo

Eicha nafalta mishamayim la’afarcha
Avi mutal b’ken natush
B’eretz noch’riyah

Hineh hineh yored halayil al mitatcha
Essoff k’nafecha av olal v’shuv l’me’ufcha
V’shuv l’vad

L’vad b’soff haderech
Yonim bise’archa
M’il karuah al hagav
Uferach b’libcha

Zachal avi el toch hashachar v’ne’elam
Avi halach el hamid’bar
V’hamid’bar nadam

H. Karchevski;
Y. Fichman

On the shores of Yam Kineret (The Sea of Galilee) / Stands a magnificent palace
A garden of God is planted there / In it – no tree will stir

Who lives there? Just a boy
Like a bird in the heart of the forest
Studying Torah
From the mouth of Elijah

Hush! No wave breaks / Hush! Winged birds
He is standing, hearing / Swallowing God’s teaching

Al s’fat yam Kineret /Armon rav tif’eret
Gan El sham natu’ah / Bo etz lo yazu’ah

Mi gar sham – rak na’ar
Ka’off bid’mi ya’ar
Lomed sham Torah hu
Mipi, mipi Eliyahu

Hass! Gal lo kole’ach / Kol off hapore’ach
Omed v’shome’ah / Torat El bole’ah

Hatish’ma Koli
Will you hear my voice?
Music: Y. Mustaki
Lyrics: Rachel

Will you hear my voice, my distant one?
Will you hear my voice wherever you are?
A clarion voice
A crying voice
And, from above, time commands a blessing

My last day is approaching, perhaps
The day of the tears of departure is near
A will wait for you until my life is extinguished
Just as Rachel waited for her lover

Hatish’ma koli rechoki sheli / Hatishma koli ba’asher hincha
Kol koreh b’oz kol boche bid’mi
Um’al haz’man m’tzaveh b’racha

Acharon yamai k’var karov, ulai / K’var karov hayom shel dim’ot preyda
Achakeh l’cha ad yichbu chayai
Kachakot Rachel l’doda

On The Sea of Galilee
Danny Maseng

See that Eucalyptus?
In between its veined and lacy shadows
Reaching for the water
By its roots
Lies Rachel
Alone again
In death as in her song
Will you hear my voice my distant one?
Look north to trace the footsteps in Capernaum
A handsome mathematician
Multiplying bread, times wine, times fish
He says: Talita kumi
He says: Rise
My barren bliss
And I am standing in the reeds
And I can almost see
And I am shedding sun webs
One by cooling one
And I remember these
The fire that evaporates
The earth that’s never quenched
The wave that barely touches
Swallowing the bitter waters of this

Por la Tu Puerta
Ladino Folk Song

Six in the evening
And I pass with all my friends.
Under your window I stand
Playing the mandolin

Come to the door so I may see you
Come to the window
Talk to me and reveal to me
The secrets of your soul

I passed by your door
And I found it closed
I kissed the keyhole
As I kiss your lips, my beloved

At the rising of the dawn, at the café
Oh, the lights and the colors
Just like that, my heart
Burns with love

Seix de la noche vo pasar
Con todos mis amigos
En tu ventana vo pozar
Tanendo mandolino

Sale a la puerta te vere
Sale a la ventana
Avlame y descvreme
Secretos de tu alma

Por la tu puerta yo pazi
Y la topi cerrada
La llave dura yo bezi
Como bezar tu cara

En el café de amanecer
Hay luzes y colores
Ansi esta mi corason
Quemando de amores

P’gisha L’ein Ketz

Eternal Meeting
Lyrics: Natan Alterman;
Music: Naomi Shemer

Because you have stormed upon me I shall forever sing you
In vain will I surround you with walls, in vain erect gates
My desire is to you and to me - your garden
And towards me my handless body swoons

You alone are the sin and the judge of cities
Forever sudden, my eyes are concussed upon you
While in a warring street, bleeding raspberry sunsets,
You will bind me in sheaves

Do not plead to those who retreat from approaching
In your lands I alone will be wanderer
My prayer asks for nothing at all
My prayer is one and it says - take

Until the ends of sorrow, until the ends of night
In streets of iron, empty and long
My God commanded me to carry to your infants
Almonds and raisins from my great impoverishment

It is good that your hand still captures our heart
Do not pity it when it tires of running
Do not allow it to darken like the room
Left without the stars that have remained outside

There the moon blazes as the cook’s kiss
There a damp sky thunders its cough
There a tree lowers its branch for me as a handkerchief
And I will pick it up and bow
And I know that, to the beating of the drum
In commerce cities, deaf and pained,
One day I will yet fall with wounded head to pluck
This smile of ours from among the chariots

A Man Looking at His Son
Natan Yonatan
Music and Translation by D. Maseng

A man looks at his son
And sees with his eye what he was
And what he is and what he will be when
He himself no longer is
And this entire vision
How it was extinguished
As though by thunder
And who will measure his grief
If he is like a tree’s root
Or like it’s tree top
And the memory will awaken him to a clearing in the forest
Which he and the boy crossed
In the thicket of its pines
To that very corner of the field
Whose very last they were
At the hour of the gathering of sheep
As the sun collected from the earth
The remnants of its rays
And no one cries and no one answers
Silently will that field patch
Be gathered to its sorrows
And only a father and his son walking
The two of them together
And no fire and no kindling
And no lamb and no shofar
And never was there such a love as that one
Upon the earth

Shibolet Medley

X2 Shibolet, shibolet
Shibolet bassadeh kor’ah baru’ach

A sheaf of wheat in the field bends in the wind

Shibolet Bassadeh
Matityahu Shelem
Shibolet bassadeh kor’ah baru’ach
M’omess gar’inim ki rav
Uvemerchav harim yom k’var yafu’ach
Hashemesh ketem v’zahav

A sheaf of wheat in the field bends in the wind
From the weight of her grain
In the wide expanse of the mountains the day is born
The sun is orange and gold

Uru, hoy uru!
Uru, shuru b’nei k’farim
Kamah hen bashla k’var
Al p’nei hekarim
Kitz’ru, shilchu magal
Et reishit hakatzir

Awake! Awake, oh, villagers!
The wheat has ripened in the fields
Reap, cast your scythes
The time of harvest is here

X2 Shibolet, shibolet

Mal’u Assameinu Bar
David Zehavi; Pinchas Lender

Mal’u assameinu bar viy’kaveinu yayin
Bateinu homim, homim mitinokot
Uv’hemteinu porah

Our barns are filled with grain
Our houses abuzz with the sound of babies
Our cattle is fertile!

X2 Hey! Ma od t’vakshi m’itanu m’chora
V’ein, v’ein adayin?

What more could you ask of us, oh, homeland
That could possibly be lacking?

X2 Shibolet, shibolet

Gil Aldemah; Michael Kashtan

Shibolim shibolim shibolim
Omarim navi hagor’na
Bar ba’ossem n’egor’na
Shibolim shibolim shibolim

Sheaves of wheat
We will bring our harvest to the barn
We will store our grain
Sheaves of wheat

X2 Shibolet, shibolet

Mordechai Z’ira; Ya’akov Orland

Sovevni lahat esh bo’eret
Rek’duni shir yachid
Zeh hazemer, zeh – v’ein acher od
Ein acher od l’tamid

Spin me in a blaze of fire
Dance me a singular song!
This is the song – this and no other!
There is no other for ever and ever

Tov, tov, tov, tov, tov, tov
Tov hazemer ad ein soff
Lo yitam lo yachaloff
M’libeinu hakode’ach
Mit’lamim umiyare’ach

Good, good
The song is eternally good
It will never end, it will never pass
From our hearts that are feverish
From furrows and moonlight

X2 Shibolet, shibolet

Shirat Hanoar
David Ma’aravi; Sh’mu’el Bass

Shirat hano’ar shir atideinu
Shir hit’chd’shut binyan va’aliyah
Min hagolah yinharu acheinu
Eretz moledet shava lit’chiyah

The song of youth, the song of our future
The song of renewal, rebuilding and repatriating
Our brethren will flock from their exile
Our homeland is reborn!

Mi zeh cholel hapeleh – eretz moledet
Mi zeh hekim kol eleh eretz tif’eret
Zo yad’cha, yad’cha hi hanota’at
Zo yad’cha, yad’cha hi hazora’at
Kol od hano’ar lanu bamoledet
Shuv yashuv chazon am Yisrael

Who caused this miracle, oh, homeland?
Who erected all of this, oh, wondrous land?
It is your hand, your hand that plants!
It is your hand, your hand that sows!
As long as we have such youth in our homeland
The prophecy of Israel will yet be realized

X2 Shibolet, shibolet

Horah He’ach’zut
Dov Zeltzer; Yechi’el Mohar

Hora k’ruv v’hora tered
Ag’vanya alei kidon
Horah nachal m’ssachreret
Hora chassa hora tz’non
Hora tank ratum l’fered
Hora sayarei hatut
Hora nachal m’ssachreret
Hora he’ach’zut

Hora cabbage and hora spinach
A tomato upon a spear!
A dizzying *Nachal hora
A hora of lettuce, a hora of radish
A hora for a tank harnessed to a mule
Hora for the strawberry scouts
A dizzying Nachal hora
The hora of the settlement!

* ‘Nachal’ is an acronym for a special army unit made up of volunteers
who wish to serve as agricultural pioneers, while in their regular combat military service.
Much of Israel’s wilderness had been settled and made fertile by Nachal units.

X3 Shibolet, shibolet

Achi Hatza’ir Yehudah
My Young Brother Judah

Music: Yohanan Zarai
Lyrics: Ehud Manor

My young brother Judah
Do you hear? Do you know?
The sun still rises each morning
And its light is white
And towards evening the wind scatters the garden leaves

The first rain fell two days ago, on Tuesday evening
And, once again, it’s possible to see the sky
In the puddle on main street

My young brother Judah
Do you hear? Do you know?
They’re learning a new song in your kindergarten
And the students are playing, once again, on the practice field

Evening winds are wailing autumn songs on the porch
And mother waits, secretly,
Perhaps a letter will come?

My young brother Judah
Do you hear? Do you know?
All your good friends carry your image with them
You are with them in all the tanks along the border

My good brother, I remember your eyes
And they are solving a puzzle
And my infant son is beautiful like you
I will name him after you: Judah

Balada Al Naari Sh’gadal
A ballad for my boy, who has grown

Lyrics: Tirza Attar
Music: Alexander “Sasha” Argov

Slowly, the stream flows its course
A wind blows lightly upon it
In the heart of the village a lonely wooden hut stands
Wrapped in snow and darkness

And I will not sleep
For the night is sad

My little boy chops wood
Day and night he labors
He is still a young lad and his hands are empty
But he swears he’ll be my husband when he grows up

Grow, my lad
Grow fast

Slowly time passes, shrouded in secrets
My youth passes with it
And my boy grew up and became, oh, so beautiful
And one day – he married a woman as beautiful as he

But I
I will never forget him

The wind rushes, raging upon the stream
My life is carried away on its wings
In the heart of the village I have a wooden hut
And my eyes burn at night with the heat of the fire

Let no man come near me
Lest the fire consume him

D. Maseng

The walls are abandoned
The doors are rusted
The roof caved in last year
And since then he lives on a tree in the yard
Davidovitch - on a tree in the yard

A white dove lives with you
She built a bird’s nest on your head
And since then, every evening at sundown
Davidovitch – little birds chirp for you alone

See how mother cries for her child
A municipal clerk with a decent salary
The wife is alone; the children are calling out –
Davidovitch – what’s with you!?

The boss visits every day and yells:
Get off the tree, Davidovitch, stop playing
Davidovitch laughs - his head in the clouds
Davidovitch is no longer cares

See how mother cries for her child

Morning prayers with the rising of the sun
Green leaves with white cheese
Davidovitch eats – and feeds the little dove
Davidovitch – eating with the doves

B’shadmot Beit Lechem
In the Fields of Bethlehem

Music: H. Karchevski
Lyrics: A. A. Shapira

In the fields of Bethlehem / On the way to Ephrat
Upon an ancient grave stands a tomb

And with the coming of midnight / On the path of her weariness
A beautiful woman rises, leaving her grave,
She marches silently, eastward, towards the river Jordan,
Silently marching

B’shad’mot Beit Lechem / B’derech Ephrata
B’derech Efrata
Alei kever k’dumim / Ta’amod matzavet
Ta’amod matzavet

U’ch’vo chatzot laila / B’derech Eifata
Ta’aleh y’fat mar’eh / beit kivrah ozavet
Layarden, mizracha / dumam tzo’adet
Dumam tzo’adet

In The Fields of Bethlehem
D. Maseng

To the olive trees I pose this question:
Do you remember me, a child,
Watching you through darkly tinted spyglass?
My father watches birds over Bethlehem
I see rocks
In the house of Lehem
Bread in Hebrew
Meat in Arabic
Bread turns into flesh in Bethlehem
The sheep of Bethlehem give clarified butter
The olive trees give oil
Same word
Kullu wachad in Bethlehem,
All one promise
One land
One plot of bleached rocks my great grandfather purchased,
Rachel on his mind,
Thinking he could water lilies with her tears
Build tombs from Jacob’s dreams
Construct a ladder to his past
What future, Bethlehem?
What hope?
Quo Vadis, domini?
Rachel has no clue
How totally abandoned she really is
B’shad’mot Beit Lechem
B’derech Efrata
Adrift in a sea of stones
Looking for some children
Looking for my home
Looking for my father’s birds
My mother’s Rachel
Jacob, Jacob,
What is left of my inheritance?

ListenIntroductionCreditsGuide • Lyrics

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