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Beyond the Gates: Sacred Music for the Days of Awe $18.00
Heaven on Earth (Double CD Set) $25.00
Danny Maseng Retrospective NEW from Israel / Double CD
JUST LIKE HOME - 60 Years of Songs I Love - Israel 1948 - 2008 $18.00
YEDID NEFESH - Songs of the Hasidic Masters $18.00
LABOR OF LOVE - The long awaited new full length recording!
SOUL ON FIRE - The Hottest, Coolest, Soul-enhancing Liturgical Music

* Please order the number of copies you will be making for yourself, anyone accompanying you and/or for your choir!
Original Liturgical & Choral Arrangements
Shabbat Evening    
Ahavat Olam $4.00
Elohai N'tzor $4.00
Hashkiveinu $4.00
L'cha Dodi (the first L'cha Dodi with a unique melody for each verse, a refrain melody change for Lo Tevoshi and a return to the original melody after Boi V'shalom.) $8.00
Ma'ariv Aravim $4.00
Modim $4.00
Raza D'Shabbat $4.00
Vayechulu (2 part women) $4.00
V'shamru (Upbeat / Labor of Love) $4.00
V'shamru (Heaven on Earth) $4.00
We Give Thanks/Modim $4.00
Z'eir Anpin: the 6 psalms for Kabbalat Shabbat:
The recitation of the six psalms for Friday night was instituted by the kabbalists of Safed in the 16th century. The psalms correspond to the six days of the week, the six days of creation and the penultimate six emanations of God, known as "the small face". The seventh psalm - Psalm 92 - "A song for Shabbat", is recited following the "L’cha Dodi", the bridge between the weekday and Shabbat.
Shabbat Morning    
Ahava Rabbah $4.00
Atta Hu $4.00
Baruch Sh'amar (solo) $4.00
Hallelujah (Psalm 150) $4.00
Hodu (Psalm 136) $4.00
Ma Tovu $4.00
Sim Shalom (Morning Prayers / Heaven on Earth) $4.00
V'taher Libeinu $4.00
Vahavieinu $4.00
Yismechu (Labor of Love) $4.00
Yismechu (Heaven on Earth) $4.00
High Holidays    
Achot K'tana $4.00
Avinu Malkeinu Aleph $8.00
Avinu Malkeinu Bet $8.00
El Malei Rachamim $4.00
Hashiveinu - Return Again $4.00
Ilu Phinu - from the morning prayers $4.00
NEW - Kaddish Yatom $4.00
L'El Orech Din $4.00
P'tach Lanu Sha'ar $4.00
Yotzer Or $4.00
Special Occasions    
Al Mishkavi $4.00
Asseh L'cha Rav
A beautiful tribute to rabbis, teachers, educators etc.
Bring on the Light (Solo and SATB)
Candles of Your Soul $4.00
Geulah / Mi Chamocha (solo and chorus)
Mayim; Mayim Mayim $4.00
Mercy $4.00
Mi Shebeirach (Celebratory) $4.00
Oh Lord, My God $4.00
Red Sea Suite - Mi Chamocha/Shirat Hayam $4.00
Set Me Like a Seal Upon Your Heart $4.00
Shiru L'Adonai (Full Choral) $4.00
The Path (V'ohorach Tzadikim) $4.00
Threefold Benediction (Labor of Love) $4.00
Sheva Brachot - Wedding Suite Full Ceremony $20.00
Yevarechecha/May You Always Walk in Peace (Heaven on Earth) $4.00
Coming Home $4.00
Forgivenesses $4.00
Hear Our Voice $4.00
Shalom Aleichem Slichot $4.00
Avi $4.00
Ish Mabit Bivno $4.00
Sim Shalom $4.00
All I Ask (From Let There Be Light) $4.00
Ashes and Roses $4.00
Fare Thee Well (From Let There Be Light) $4.00
For No Good Reason (From Let There Be Light) $4.00
Freedom (From Let There Be Light) $4.00
Gloria $4.00
Let There Be Light (From Let There Be Light) $4.00
Manna (From Let There Be Light) $4.00
The Color of the Moon $4.00
The Heart Sutra $4.00
The Lion, the Eagle, & the Dove (From Let There Be Light) $4.00
Other Choral Arrangements
Liturgical – High Holydays    
Adir V'Naor (a Yom Kippur Hymn for solo and SATB) $4.00
Adon Olan; London to Berlin $4.00
Ein K'Eloheinu - An Acappella arrangement of the Sephardi version. $4.00
Ki Hinei Kachomer $4.00
Reb Yechiel's Niggun $4.00
Yigdal (Constantinopol) $4.00
Liturgical – Shabbat    
Adon Olam (French/Sephardic) $4.00
Dror Yikra Salonikli $4.00
Ki Eshmera Shabbat $4.00
L'cha Dodi Bretzlav $4.00
Lo Tevoshi; Modzitz $4.00
Sabbath Eve / hymnal $4.00
Tov L’hodot $4.00
Tzadik Katamar (acapella SATB) $4.00
Tzam’ah Nafshi; Belz Hasidic $4.00
Yigdal (Saloniki- SATB) $4.00
Hanukkah Medley $8.00
Israeli Music    
Agada (Al S'fat Yam Kineret)
Ani Ma'amin (Sachki, Sachki)
Ein Li Eretz Acheret
El Ginat Egoz
Hinach Yaffa
Laila Bis’dot Beit Lechem
Nitzanei SHALOM $4.00
Pizmon Layakinton
Shabbat Hamalka
Shir Eretz
Shir Ha'emek
Yarda Hashabbat
Yiddish Music    
Oyfen Veg (Yiddish) $4.00
Unter Beymer - Yiddish


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BUY CDs and Sheet Music
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