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For years I have been traveling around the world, performing, teaching, singing, meeting people and learning with them. Inevitably, after a workshop or a Seudah Shlishit, I am asked whether I have any of the Hasidic songs I’ve used for my teachings on a CD. Well, I can finally say, at long last, here they are. To say that I love these songs is an understatement. All are part of the Hasidic tradition, some older than others, some written back in Eastern Europe, some right here, in the United States. All are beautiful, soulful, touching. All speak an undeniable truth that pierces the heart and addresses the soul directly. The simple beauty of the songs demanded a simple approach. Unlike my previous liturgical CDs which were rich with vocal harmony and instrumentation, I felt this project required that I stay out of the way of as much as possible, allowing the beauty and truth of these songs to shine through as clearly as possible. Vocal and guitar; just me and my musical companion since the age of thirteen. Whatever I know of simplicity is here in evidence, as unadorned as possible. May the truth of these songs shine brightly. May the beauty of these songs be a blessing to all who listen.

Danny Maseng New York, October 8, 2003