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Beyond The Gates

Now Available: Beyond the Gates

If the core of all Jewish liturgical music is the word - on the High Holidays it is all the more so. Words are angels, messengers from somewhere deep and profound. Every word has a life and must be treated as a living creature. The music, therefore, must stem from the lyrics and be true to their meaning, and at all times it must remain subservient to the written word. We have chosen music from our varied Jewish traditions: Ashkenazi and Sephardic; Hasidic, traditional, and contemporary; European, and American; music reaching back hundreds of years, and original music written and arranged most recently.

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Beyond the Gates

Double CD Retrospective from Israel Now Available!!

Now Available! HATAKLIT RECORDS in Israel has released a Double CD retrospective of Danny's greatest hits in Israel. Danny was the first to record Bob Dylan's songs in Hebrew which are on these CDs plus many other fabulous recordings.

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K'mo Pa'am - Danny Maseng Retrospective

Now available: Heaven on Earth

Danny's glorious new 27 track, double CD of liturgical music representing the music sung at Temple Israel of Hollywood on Shabbat evenings and mornings. Sales of this double CD set will support the Music Fund of Temple Israel of Hollywood, where Danny is the Chazzan.

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Heaven on Earth - Shabbat at Temple Israel of Hollywood

You are my gold standard for Jewish music

Rabbi/Cantor Angela Buchdahl
Central Synagogue, NYC

An altogether sterling mix of composition genius wed to depth in Jewish learning: High Holy Day music that wonderfully haunts the soul.

Rabbi Lawrence A. Hoffman
HUC, Author

Your music is soul-stirring, in part because of your considerable talent and artistry, but deepened and sweetened by your soul, which shines through everything you do

Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson
DHL Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies, American Jewish University

Danny Maseng's soul music is the essence of the divine. The emanation of the 'hidden lights' comes through with each breath out of Danny's soul. A gift to Olam Ha'Emet

Cantor Beny Maissner
Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto, Canada

Danny's music stirs the soul, ignites the spirit and lights the Jewish spark within us all

Cantor Jennifer Frost
Congregation BJBE, Chicago

Danny, you created such a buzz in our community with everything you brought to us! From the spiritual nigunim and engaging storytelling to your beautiful D’var Torah. From your riveting performance to your beautiful compositions. From your collegiality and teaching at the Minnesota Cantors Association lunch to your patience with the choir and inspiration you brought to them… the scholar in residence weekend with you was one of the most wonderful gifts our cultural arts committee ever brought to the Adath Jeshurun Congregation! I thank you from the depths of my soul. May you continue to bring the beauty of your neshama and considerable multitude of talents to many fortunate communities around the world!

Cantor Scott Buckner
Minnetonka Minnesota

Just thought you would enjoy knowing that Danny blew everyone away last night! It was the most heart stopping, tear inducing, breath taking performance I have ever witnessed, let alone been honored to be a part of. The diversity of material, depth of knowledge and breadth of ability was astounding. I speak for more than just myself when I say that we were transported to a magnificent world last night. What an exhilarating gift.

Myla Wingard
Congregation Beth Israel, San Diego, CA

...it is truly wonderful being with Danny... he is an extraordinary talent, a gifted teacher, a provocative thinker who naturally and beautifully is connecting dots everywhere. He took our community by storm... I love his teaching, his music and my own personal time with him...

Rabbi John Rosove
Temple Israel of Hollywood

Danny Maseng—breathtaking, brilliant, bold. There is no finer Jewish composer, performer, teacher all-in-one than Danny Maseng. Over the last few years, Danny’s done two residencies in Asheville. After his most recent concert, a performance of Just Like Home, had ended, the audience wouldn’t leave. They hung around to absorb the resonance of Danny’s voice and guitar before it finally faded. They stayed to feel, just a little bit longer, the power of Danny’s spirit still present in the concert hall. Don’t waste a minute: invite Danny to your community right now. Spend time with Danny and you’ll feel the vitality and power of Judaism as it is meant to be experienced rising within you.

Dr. Richard Chess
Director, the Center for Jewish Studies at UNCA
Professor, Department of Literature and Language

The weekend with Danny Maseng was a truly transforming experience for the entire congregation. Friday night services with Danny were so inspiring. Saturday night concert was beyond all expectations. Sunday workshop was educational and grasping. His voice and music really touched everyone's heart and soul and brought us all to a higher spiritual level. The entire weekend is still alive in our congregants' hearts. What an amazing talent and unforgettable experience!

Cantor Renata Braun
Temple Oheb Shalom, Baltimore,MD

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